Director Sharron Ward filming with camera at the dead sea Jordan.

Sharron Ward is an Emmy & Royal Televison Society award-winning director/producer based in London, UK & Auckland, NZ

Director Sharron Ward standing on a hill top filming in Queenstonw, New Zealand

My Bio

Sharron Ward is a Conservationist, a speaker, writer, photographer and observational documentary filmmaker. She is an Emmy and Royal Television Society award-winning Director and Producer who has filmed and directed for a number of UK & global broadcasters & streamers including the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Al Jazeera and The Guardian. Click here for more on Sharron Ward’s work, articles & interviews.

still from Director Sharron Ward film Lesbos SOS

Some of my work

Branded Content Work

To see all of my branded content work, you can check out the Katalyst Productions website founded by Sharron Ward.

Conservation Campaigns

Sharron Ward’s primary focus is on communicating the climate crisis, focussing on natural history, wildlife, travel, expedition, adventure and championing positive solutions to marine conservation, land ecology and environmentally sustainable practices.


People say the nicest things

Sharron followed me to ISIS danger zones in Kurdistan, Iraq where she filmed me for a prime-time BBC documentary about my humanitarian work supporting and aiding Yazidi survivors of ISIS. Sharron was empathetic, compassionate and dealt sensitively with the survivors of sexual and gender based violence she filmed. I’m impressed by Sharron’s bravery & her integrity in getting to the heart of the story without sensationalising it. The feedback on social media about the film was phenomenal and heart-warming and Khalsa Aid gained many more supporters and donors as a result of this film. We also won some pretty amazing awards along the way!

Ravi Singh, CEO, Khalsa Aid & star of BBC Doc The Selfless Sikh: Faith on the Frontline

Sharron filmed us for a Channel 4 news documentary about our humanitarian work helping thousands of Syrian refugees who arrived on boats on the coast of Lesbos in Greece. She is a compassionate and kind filmmaker who truly cares not only about getting the story, but also about the people in it. As a result of the film airing we received many donations and people coming to Lesbos to volunteer their time helping to save the many stranded Syrian refugees. The film lifted our profile enormously and many people still comment on the film’s impact today.

Philippa & Eric Kempson featured in Channel 4 News short documentary Lesbos SOS
director Sharron Ward filming in the old city Jerusalem.

My company

Most of Sharron Ward’s work is through her production company Katalyst Productions which was founded in 1999. You can see the website by clicking the button below.